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the next day – chapter one

September 19, 2011

he was freezing from the wind caused by hurtling cars and motorcycles. the night sky was barely visible, the only lights were dying stars and tungsten streetlamps. with him was a backpack and inside it was a review book. he had an exam the next day.

why was he going to a party tonight then?

this other guy was sleeping, and it was not his bed, not his room. his face nestled in a white wall. he crunched up, in a fetal position, covered by white sheets. his head resting on a soft white pillow. outside had been very humid. inside the room, it was – fine. he had with him a dream, a sort of excitement. he was to start his first job the next day.

why wasn’t he at his own house then?

another guy is sitting at the back of a car, his friend’s car, who’d been driving. he just woke up, eager to fetch a long time friend he’d never met. he only had a white shirt, a cap. he was in his boxers. It was freezing cold inside the car, but he was warm. a lot of thoughts had been racing through his head, he was excited for his friend, but he wasn’t really interested. he had another guy in mind; they were supposed to meet the next day.

why was he fetching someone else then?

this last guy, for now, had been reading. browsing through the internet. he had a lot of plans, a lot of dreams, he was excited. he just caught the man of his dreams, and he was here, sleeping beside him. he was finalizing plans of a move they were to undertake several weeks from that day, and he thought of making it their dream cove. he had nothing to do the next day.