October 5, 2011

Rules For Successful Living.

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

2. Learn to be patient.

3. Always be willing to admit that you don’t have all the answers.

4. Learn to forgive.

5. Identify your values and then live them.

6. Learn to make peace with how you’re feeling whether you like the way that it feels or not.

7. Practice being present.

8. Look for beauty in everything.

9. Build on your strengths

10. First fill yourself up with love. Then let it spill out into the world.

11. Let God be the center of everything you do.



  1. online pokies
    –^v–^v–^v–^v-_____^v–^v–^v– For a 2nd there, I used to be bored to death.

  2. oh heavens, i suck at being present. ever since i fell in love with cesar millan i have been trying to be present but all the exercise taught me was how badly absent i am 😆 but i agree that it is essential to finding great days. i just hope i find it, and you too.

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