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June 12, 2011

love is a principle.

its expression can come in several ways with sensuality being one.

others include generosity, sacrifice, etc.

when it comes to sensuality as an expression of love,

a relationship is strengthened by the connection formed in the act.

that connection is what is referred to as intimacy.


my words to God

June 8, 2011

soon, rain will come to this famished heart of mine.

its raindrops will fill the dryness with life.

the fields will loose the dust and the debris of war.

flowers will bloom. birds will fly.

it will become a place of repose.

come, let’s wait for it to happen so that both of us can lie down on the green grass of my heart

and look at the stars while I tell you a story,

a story of how I won the war.

photo takenĀ here.