Partial State of Undress (6)

April 11, 2012

Dreamer woke up with a palm pressed against his mouth. his lips tasted something alkaline, to the point of being bitter. he smelled what seemed like his favorite hand cream. The room smelled of burned cigarette butts.

His back felt like being plastered to the bed with sweat. between his legs, he felt something cold, icky and creamy.

He heard a deep panting, a loud snore, and the thrall of two electric fans. It was dark, so dreamer couldn’t see a thing, he prayed for light and a passing car illuminated the environment to show a large figure attached to the hand shutting his mouth. it was wearing a white shirt, had scruffy hair and a sweaty face, the most important fact was that it was looming on him. He struggled.

“It’s just me!”, The person whispered.

And before the light left the room, he noticed it was Catch. Dreamer removed the hand that shut his mouth and brought it to his own sweaty chest.

“What are you doing?” Dreamer asked.

“Um, well…” Catch looked to his left, looking for a way to explain.


“You were having a nightmare, and you were groaning. I covered your mouth to stop you from waking up the whole house.” Catch replied.

“Yeah, I kinda remember now.”

“You want water?”

“No, I’m fine.”. Dreamer positioned his arms to help him sit up.

Catch reached around Dreamer’s back and helped him up.

“Your shirt’s wet. i should get you a fresh one.”

“It’s fine, thank you.” Dreamer smiled at Catch.

Catch kissed Dreamer in the forehead, and sat properly beside him. He extended his arm around Dreamer’s neck, positioning it comfortably. “Wanna tell me about your nightmare?”

“It was really weird. I’d been bird-watching at a mountainside. It was beautiful. Filled with light, sounds, and life”

Catch raised his eyebrow. “You were scared of birds? that’s new.”

Dreamer play-punched Catch’s side. “When did that ever happen? weirdo.”

Catch laughed. “okay, go on, don’t let me bother your horror flick. what happened next?”

“Then I heard this scary cawing sound. I searched the area with binoculars-” Dreamer cut himself, “-No, an SLR camera!”

“Wow, nice dream so far.”

“Yeah, I know.” Dreamer laughed.

“Go on, don’t leave me hanging!” Catch nudged.

“Well, where was I? Oh yeah. As I scanned the area with my <italic>digital</italic> SLR camera, the trees started shedding their leaves, the sounds of nature started quieting down, and the winds came to a stop. It started to grow dark as well.” Dreamer sighed. He reached for his pack of cigarettes on the headboard, and lit a stick, he continued as he puffed:

“Then I saw this man sitting on top of a bare and lifeless tree. He sat there looking to his side. He wore a blue shirt and white pants.He then traced a line from his neck, down to his navel. and as he did that, his shirt started getting ripped, and change color – From blue to red!”

Catch frowned slightly. “Another boy in your dream? you cheat.”

Dreamer laughed. “I was only looking. I didn’t touch him. Nothing happened. ”

Catch slapped the boy’s head and laughed as well.

“Moving on, he face changed expressions as well. from being peaceful and calm, to angry. Very, very angry. I don’t know why, but I got so scared, and I stopped looking at the camera. I lowered it down,and looked at the tree again. It was them that I saw him, literally a few inches from my face. I was so scared. It was then that I woke up, and you were ganging up on my mouth.”

Catch showed interest up until the last statement, which was when he looked down. Dreamer noticed this and raised an eyebrow.

“Why were you doing that anyway? Shouldn’t you be waking me up or something?”

“Ah! that’s the thing. I told you to wake up. Then you started groaning louder.”

Dreamer shook his head. “Your trail of logic still doesn’t make sense. Why were you pressing down on my mouth?” It was Dreamer’s turn to notice something else. “Where’s your short? why aren’t you wearing shorts?”

Catch took Dreamer’s cigarette and puffed, as he blew smoke towards the window he said: “You’re not wearing shorts too.”

Dreamer looked under the sheets and saw the same state of undress as Catch. He remembered the icky feeling between his butt cheeks.

“You prat! you were doing me while I was having a nightmare?!” Dreamer now punched Catch’s chest, the play part removed.

“I thought you were awake, or at least close to being awake! You were moaning for heaven’s sake!”

“I was groaning because of a nightmare!”

Catch laughed. Dreamer laughed too.

“Horny prat.”

“deep sleeper.”

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dreamer (5)

January 22, 2012

He was looking at a fascinating sight. A mountainside, with various trees and even varying shades of green. Even better was the fact that some of them were littered with color: blasts of yellow, bursts of red, lashings of purple and spots of pink.

As the wind blew cool morning air, the petals of some of these colorful flowers joined in, and danced in the air. He smiled.

It was a bright sunny day. The sky was clear and looked as if it were a part of the ocean floating in the air. The sun had been beating down on the good earth, and all of nature basked in the rays. He was protected by the shadow of the tree he sat beside of.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Even in the darkness, the colors of the scene crept up his nose. The damp brown earth, the green blades of grass. The whitish bark of the caring tree, even the bright yellow sun.

In the darkness, the sounds of the world spoke of life. He could hear the orchestra of birds, the rustling of the leaves, the howling of the wind in his ear. He could hear the buzzing of the bees, and the chriping crickets.

He stretched his arms and allowed himself to fall back towards the damp earth. Some of the grass blades pierced his shirt, he felt the cool sheet of dew on the ground. the velvety leaves of a bush teased his fingers. Upon freeing his feet from their locked position, he stretched both and felt the stubborness of hard rock.

His eyes were met with a bright light, however, when his eyes adjusted, he saw the most peculiar play of light he had every seen.

The branches and leaves of the caring tree that provided him shade had lost color, and in between these branches were patches of light. as the leaves danced with the wind, the patches of light shifted, creating a sea of light and shadows. fascinated, he reached to his left and pulled his digital SLR camera.


He sat up. While brushing off grass that stuck to his shirt, he heard an unusual chirping sound. slowly, he looked from side to side looking for the source. It seemed to come from something very big. He scanned the nearby canopy using his camera. The chirping stopped.

Lowering the camera, he thought of how sad it was, losing the opportunity to have at least taken a picture of that ominous creature.

Looking back at the mountainside, he noticed how the color of the mountain was fading away. the greens, yellos, reds, purples and pinks were being dragged by the wind. The earth was steadily becoming silent as well: birds have stopped singing, the bees have stooped buzzing. eventually, even the wind stopped howling in his ear.

He noticed a steady shadow creeping over the landscape. He looked up and saw a large dark cloud conquering the blue sky. looking back down, the bare trees appeared sharp and malicious. Then he saw it.

A bright speck of blue sat unmoved atop one of the barren trees on the mountainside. he took to his camera again and focused on the blue speck.

He was surprised to find out that it was a bright blue shirt. Even more surprising was that it was worn by a man sporting white pants. the man had a young, peaceful, fresh look that had been facing the direction from where the dark cloud came from.


When the camera had refreshed, he looked at the screen again. The young man’s face changed into a pained expression. as he was about to take another shot, the man faced him, and saw anger. deep, rooted anger. He was stunned in place.

The man looked directly at him, eye to eye. he noticed the man put his right hand on the collar of his shirt and folded all fingers except his index. Then slowly, the man dragged his finger down. As it was happening, the shirt was being cut open along the very same path. as it happened as well, he noticed the man’s face become more and more angry. his skin darkened. the color of his shirt changed color as well, to red.

As the man’s index finger reached the top of his white pants, the wind stopped, and the cloud had fully covered the sky: everything stood still.

As the boy firmly held the camera between him and the man, he heard the other speak loud and clear:

“Wake up!”

he heard it as if the man were only a few feet away. a cold shudder rand along his spine. In fear, he lowered the camera slowly.

He wished he hadn’t. He found the man standing directly in front of him.

The boy screamed.

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What People See, and What They Don’t

January 1, 2012

People see what they want to see
and are blind to what they don’t.
Often I think what makes us men
is the capacity to make shallow judgements
without cognitive basis,
without ethics.
People hear what they think should be heard
and are deaf to opposing thoughts,
It is this trait that makes us cannibals,
to each others’ flesh.
without choice cuts,
without concern.
People touch only what they think they can,
and are abhorred by those they can’t.
I believe this makes us civilized.
 calling those that conform
normal, and those that aren’t as ab-,
without consideration,
without fail.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  !


This really makes a lot of sense when you put it that way.

December 31, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Round 2

November 26, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town. Christmas time, It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is sharing, I am so excited about it.

A fellow blogger is hosting again a bloggers Christmas exchange gift. I really had fun last year… Ooops and Yeah I want to do it again. Thanks to PM for another great idea. So here we go 🙂

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good Wish List

Something small: leather wallet

Something big: Jansport backpack

Something cute: earphones

Something soft: pillow

Something techie: 1 TB Portable Hard Drive

Something fancy: a nice wristwatch

Something (insert your favorite color): black

Something wearable: medium GAP shirt ha-ha

Something you need: iPhone case(s) – an angry bird design or any minimalist design

Something you can use for work: starbucks tumbler =)

Something sweet: M & M’s Chocolate !!!

Dear Santa I’ve Been Good and I really, really, really want an iPad


Close My Eyes

November 22, 2011

He’s sleeping now. Or at least he’s pretending to.

When his eyes are closed, he doesn’t see the world that is constantly throwing hurdles at him. He doesn’t feel reality biting all the time when he shuts his eyes and succumb to the relieving darkness that his eyelids give. He is safe when his eyes are closed.

Even the thought af sleeping scares him. Whenever he is haunted with the nightmares of his yesterday, he can’t help but weep silently with his pillows, alone in his dark and cold room. He wants to lay in bed and close his eyes, yet he doesn’t want to sleep. He just wants the comfort of his bed and his pillows and his stuffed toys. Yes, his stuffed toys. His loyal friends who would listen to him everytime he rants about the world. They wipe his tears when he cries violently during the night. Quietly, they love him unconditionally.

He’s tired of escaping from the world. The troubles, the quarrels, the unending misunderstandings that put a heavier burden on his already shattered soul. His body has been strained so much by the stress and depression that his life gives him. He is very, very exhausted.

Yet, he fights. He struggles. He survives.

He’s still pretending to sleep. His eyes are just closed. He is aware of the world around him, and he knows that with his bed, his pillows and his stufffed toys,he will live on forever. And ever.



November 9, 2011

infidelity defeats the purpose of respect.

and without respect,

love is diluted.